Daughters of Elempe

Daughters of Elempe is a stage play that promotes women’s leadership and political participation. The play also educates the viewers on Rape and Female Genital Mutilation.

Girls and women have a right to engage in civil society, vote in elections, be elected to government office, serve on boards, and make their voices heard in any process that will ultimately affect them, their families, and their communities. Investing in girls’ and women’s right to political participation is a necessary step toward achieving global gender equality and democratic governance.

Even within the confines of the workplace, we encounter these extraordinary women, and their unwavering bravery commands my deepest admiration. Yet, we cannot deny the existence of challenges and restrictions that women endure within our society.
Witnessing their tireless battles against these constraints and their ultimate triumph over adversity is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

“Daughters of Elempe” revolves around the remarkable character of Segilola, a trailblazer who defies societal norms by embarking on a daring quest for the throne. Segilola’s unwavering resilience becomes a beacon of hope for the daughters of Elempe, igniting their spirits in the face of daunting challenges. The play themes cuts across women political and leadership rights, Rape and Female Genital Mutilation.

Previously, “Daughters of Elempe” garnered immense acclaim, captivating the hearts of over 2000 enraptured audience members. Its enchanting narrative elicited heartfelt reviews and generated a multitude of fervent requests for its triumphant return to the stage. And now, we are thrilled to announce that on the 12th of June, 2023, this extraordinary theatrical masterpiece will once again grace the limelight.

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