The VisionGiving women and girls a brighter tomorrow.

Our vision is to be a strong proponent of a fair and just society that is free from all sorts of subjugation and that offers equal, sustainable and harnessable opportunities to women and girls all over the world. When we imagine the future for women and girls, we see a world where every woman and girl child is free to be exactly who they want to be without limitations or restrictions, a world that offers them safety from gender-based violence, abuse and other forms of prejudices and a world that defends the rights of women and girls. We are inspired by the many stories around us and are strengthened by the experiences of those who have gone before us.

“We always celebrate a great woman but to be great, the girl child needs to be encouraged to excel from an early age."Gift Gugu Mona, Woman of Virtue

The Mission StatementOur priority; women & girls.

In a world that is gradually transforming and becoming more inclusive and less limiting, we strive to create a safe space for women and girls who have survived forms of abuses and prejudices, to create opportunities for these women and girls, to empower and inspire women and girls to harness these opportunities and to ensure equal participation of women and girls in nation-building using strategic tools of advocacy, education, empowerment, and engagement.

At The Girl Child Values Support Initiative, we are committed to positively changing the future for women and girls everywhere. Learning from yesterday and being inspired by the possibilities of a balanced and safer tomorrow, we are changing the realities of half of the earth's population today through our well-thought-out programs.

The DetailsSee exactly how we accomplish our goals.


1: Fighting Gender-Based Violence

Through Community-dialogue, storytelling and activism, we are championing a multidimensional fight against gender-based violence. We are working to inspire more passionate and responsive reactions and attitudes towards gender-based violence survivors, while we encourage recovery and create awareness through inclusive tools such as storytelling and activism.

2: Women Empowerment and Skill Acquisition

What better way to empower women than to equip them with the skills and knowledge that would help them exploit the opportunities we seek to create for them. This program is geared towards the economic empowerment and financial liberation of women through skills acquisition programs and financially inclusive programs such as creation of savings groups and provision of microfinance grants.

3: Menstruation Education

A natural phenomenon for women and girls around the world, menstruation for some is often a tough experience as a result of myths, stigma and harmful norms that surround it. We work with the relevant stakeholders to change the negative narratives that surround menstruation and we also provide menstrual hygiene materials in select social groups such as schools.

The stakeholdersGroups we work with.


The Local Community

Interacting and dialoguing with members of affected communities, we get to know their intrinsic needs, proffer precise solutions and help bridge the gap between these communities and their leaders at all levels.

The Social Groups

Working with social groups such as schools, we are able to have a wider reach and organise more inclusive programs.

The Individual

Our work would not be efficient without the efforts from individuals like you in various sectors who offer services in various capacities.

our progress so farInching closer to achieving our goals.

There is still work to be done but what propels us is the success of our journey so far. Through our empowerment programs, over a five hundred girls and young women who previously had no access to education are now in school and working in 6 states in Nigeria*, we have strengthened the capacities of local credible non-government organizations through systems strengthening and human resource development. We have constructed water projects, built and renovated classroom blocks, school libraries and have supported the construction of health centers in communities most in need of health centers. Other interventions include the construction of toilet facilities, building and equipping women skills acquisition centers, and strengthening women empowerment through sports competitions. Despite a few hindrances in a few communities in the form of insecurity, we have been able to build some momentum and we won’t stop until we reach the end.